Vanilla Gelato
Desserts / Summer / Giapo Grazioli / Serves: 24

582g Milk
220g Cream
89g Sugar
39g Glucose
32g Milk Powder
9g Cocoa Butter
1 vanilla pod
3/4 t Guar gum


Makes about 1.2 litres


In a pot mix the milk, cream and cocoa butter.
Cook it on the stove at medium heat until the cocoa butter is melted.

Cut the vanilla pod in half, length wise with a paring knife.
Scrape out all of the oily seeds from the inside.
You will have flecks of vanilla throughout, which will infuse with the ice cream.
Add the scraped seeds, the vanilla pod and the remaining ingredients to the pot.
Cook at a medium heat until it reaches 65C.

Allow the mix to cool.
Pass the mix through a sieve to remove the Vanilla pods you added earlier.
Blend the ice cream mixture with a blender once it is cool to ensure the mix is smooth and the ingredients are blended properly.

Churn the mix in an ice cream machine.
Add the Guar gum just before it is finished, to mix through.