Cold Brew Coffee
Drinks / Summer / Steve Rhinehart / Serves: 6

90 gm coffee, ground coarse
200 gm water (93°C)
500 gm water (room temperature)
50 gm ice


Grind coffee and add to 1 litre french press.
Pour 200gm of hot water over the grounds, saturating as evenly as possible. Stir the grounds to help saturate if necessary.
Wait 60 seconds to allow the ground coffee to bloom.
Add the remaining water and ice, and lightly stir the grounds to help them saturate.
Place the brewer in your refrigerator, covered, and allow to steep for 12 hours.
Strain and decant your cold brew into an airtight container, and cut with water to your desired strength. We like to add about 200 grams of water in most cases.
Serve over ice, add a splash of cream, and enjoy!