Chocolate Gelato
Desserts / Summer / Giapo Grazioli / Serves: 16

800g Milk
340g Cocoa Powder
70g Cream
35g Blue cheese (strong stilton, kikorangi, roquefort or gorgonzola)
310g Sucrose
60g Glucose
40g Cocoa Butter
Fresh Walnuts to sprinkle


In a pot mix the milk, cream and cocoa butter. Cook it on the stove at medium heat until the cocoa butter is melted.
Add the remaining ingredients to the pot including the blue cheese. Keep cooking it at a medium temperature until it reaches 65C.
Pass the mix through the sieve to remove any hard piece left from the cheese.
Allow the mix to cool down.
Churn it in an ice cream machine.
Sprinkle the Walnuts.