Campari Gravlax
Fish / Summer / Warren Olds / Serves: 10

1.2kg side of salmon or ocean trout, pin-boned, skin off
50g caster sugar
140g coarse sea salt
zest of 1 lemon
1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped
1 tbsp juniper berries, coarsely crushed
1 tbsp black peppercorns, coarsely crushed
60ml Campari
1/4 cup (loosely packed) each coriander and flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped


If unavailable replace Campari with Gin, and fresh coriander with fresh mint.

Combine salt, sugar, lemon zest, dill, coriander seeds and peppercorns in a bowl. Stir to combine and then add enough Campari to wet the salt mixture.
Place a piece of plastic wrap double the length of the salmon on a work bench. Lay salmon on top, rub a little Campari into the flesh, cover with half the salt mixture and pat well into the flesh.
Turn the salmon over and repeat with the remaining salt mixture.
Wrap and refrigerate, turning once until cured (2 days), turning after 1 day.

Wipe off salt mixture and liquid with absorbent paper, scatter over chopped herbs, pat well into the flesh, wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate until required.